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Bradley C. of Fort Smith, Arkansas is a hometown boy at heart. Part of the reason that he decided to open a Hot Shot delivery service was the chance it would give him to meet with and interact with his customers, developing a rapport. Unlike larger shipping companies, a Hot Shot service would mean that he could develop a regular route, getting to know the people in his community. To make sure that this rapport stayed strong, Bradley needed a cargo van that would provide him with quality and consistent service that would meet his communities needs. Fortunately, a friend recommended that he look into purchasing a Dodge Sprinter cargo van for his business.

Bradley understood immediately that he would need a cargo van that would offer maximum cargo space without becoming a full-sized big rig. Most of Bradley business would consist of local businesses moving units in bulk. To make himself valuable to them, he needed to offer enough room for all of their shipments, occasionally even taking on multiple shipments from different businesses in the same trip. He soon found that the Dodge Sprinter offered just the right amount of space for jobs large and small.

Part of Bradley’s business plan called for a consistent and dependable route. He knew that many other small business owners would rely upon him to get to and from their businesses on time. This meant he would need an agile and powerful van that could move like a smaller sized sedan. The Dodge Sprinter’s innovative design gives him all of these attributes in one tight package. No matter the weather, Bradley knew he could make it to each delivery on time, sometimes even giving him enough time to chat with his customers and build up good relations. Furthermore, he knew that with the Dodge name backing it, he would rarely have to worry about breakdowns or repairs over the years.

This quality design went deeper than Bradley could ever imagine. Inside the van was an engine that was the by-product of years of intense research in power and fuel efficiency. Unlike other like sized vans, Bradley found that the Dodge Sprinter would require less stops at the gas pump. That meant more time (and more money!) for Bradley and his customers.

Surprisingly, Bradley discovered that the Dodge Sprinter’s base price was well within his budget. Like Bradley, the people at Dodge Sprinter worked hard to pass savings onto the small business person. He was able to work with his local dealer to insure that he could walk away from the lot with a deal on a quality van that would last him for years to come.

Now that his business is up and running, Bradley can barely remember a time before he was running his Hot Shot service. The relationships he has built already will last him for years as positive word of mouth travels throughout the Fort Smith area. To each of his clients, Bradley is always sure to tell anyone who is interested about the many benefits of owning a Dodge Sprinter cargo van.


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