Mercedes Sprinter

Abraham T. of Fayette, Arkansas is a man who knows the meaning of the word craftsmanship. For years, he has built a name for himself designing and building hand crafted oak furniture. His customers appreciate the small touches he puts into each and every piece he creates. With each piece of furniture, Abraham enjoyed delivering the furniture himself and seeing the looks on his grateful clients faces. To keep up with the steady stream of orders and deliveries, Abraham decided to invest in a large cargo van to help his business keep moving. After some research, Abraham decided on the Mercedes Sprinter cargo van.

Like Abraham, Mercedes is a brand you can trust. Abraham appreciated the little touches from the interior to the exterior. The Mercedes Sprinter’s engine is the product of many, many years of innovation and experimentation, building on a legacy of high quality design and construction. Abraham knows that he will never have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road with a dead engine so long as he has the Mercedes.

This engine innovation has also benefited Abraham when it comes to fuel prices. The Mercedes Sprinter’s revolutionary engine design means more miles per gallon than many comparable cargo vans on the market today. These savings mean that he will be able to check in on his clients and pieces without having to worry about the cost to him.

Each piece of furniture Abraham creates is a delicate work of art, the product of many hours of slow and precise work. The last thing Abraham can afford to happen is to have the furniture dinged and damaged on the way to it’s new home. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter’s design gives Abraham a smooth and consistent ride no matter the road or weather conditions. His cargo is always safe, and more importantly, so is Abraham.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Mercedes Sprinter is the cargo space. The Mercedes Sprinter cargo van provides more usable inches of space than many similarly sized cargo trucks on the market today. This means that Abraham can rest easy knowing that whether it be small ottoman or a large chest of drawers, he will be able to provide safe and easy delivery time and again without having to hire an impersonal larger delivery service.

As a small business man, money is a factor for Abraham. Fortunately, he was able to express his cargo needs to his local dealer and together they reached a favorable price for the Mercedes Sprinter, giving him more value for the dollar than other cargo vans available today.

Today, Abraham is using the skills and tools passed down from generation to generation in his family, creating quality furniture that will last for years to come. Long after he is gone, many of his pieces will live on with loving families that will cherish them for ages. So long as Abraham keeps moving along in his Mercedes Sprinter cargo van, his legacy will keep moving along as well.


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