Mercedes Sprinter

For Heathcliff A. and his wife Bridget of Little Rock, Arkansas, life had given them so much. Heathcliff, a veteran of the Korean War, had settled down with his wife Bridget in his home town of Little Rock soon after the war. Their he became a successful lawyer and together he and Bridget raise six healthy and happy children. Now as they both faced a long overdue retirement, Heathcliff and Bridget wanted nothing more than to see the country that had given them so much over the years. After some discussion, they decided to plan a summer trip to see old friends and family across this great nation. When it time to pick a vehicle for their trip, they decided to check out the Mercedes Sprinter van.

The Mercedes Sprinter series of vans offered just the size Heathcliff and Bridget were looking for in a van. Smaller than many vans on the market, the Mercedes Sprinter still gave them enough room for everything they would need to take with them on the trip. Camping supplies for a few days at Yellowstone, formal wear for a spa in Nevada, and of course plenty of presents for the grandkids they would see along the way; the Mercedes Sprinter had room for it all. Aside from storage space, the Mercedes Sprinter had plenty of passenger room. Whether taking old friends out to dinner in Iowa or taking the grandkids to a movie in Oregon, the Mercedes Sprinter had more than enough room to seat many passengers comfortably.

After a few days on the road, Heathcliff was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and comfortable the Mercedes Sprinter handled, no matter the road conditions. The comfortable design and smooth traction meant that they could drive for hours on end, making excellent time while enjoying the road that passed around them.

Concerned about being so far from home, both Heathcliff and Bridget were reassured by the Mercedes name on the van. To them, Mercedes meant a quality, consistent design that meant they would not have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road or trapped in a strange city waiting on parts for their van. In many ways, the Mercedes Sprinter was a home away from home for them on their trip, some place safe and reassuring to return to each and every day.

Life on a retired person’s budget meant that a large RV was out of reach for both of them. Every extra penny they had over the years had gone to their children’s education, a choice neither regretted. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter series of vans were affordable on their limited budget. By working out a reasonable price with their local Mercedes Sprinter sales associate, they were able to get a fair price that would allow them to see the country by day while staying in fine hotels each evening, something even the finest RVs could not match.

The savings didn’t stop there. No matter how much gas prices rose over the summer, Heathcliff and Bridget drove without a care in the world. They knew from their research that the Mercedes Sprinter had one of the most fuel efficient engine designs on the market today. That, combined with the surprisingly sleek and aerodynamic exterior design meant that they were saving money on their fuel bills as they traveled the USA.

Now that their trip is over, Heathcliff and Bridget find that they still use their Mercedes Sprinter in their day to day lives. As another summer approaches, they’ve even begun to plan another trip behind the wheel of their Mercedes Sprinter van.


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